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Jan 26, 2012

Creating Your Own Clip Art

Since posting about how I had created my OWN clip art, I had a couple of followers ask me how I did it. Well, I am sure there is a much better way to go about creating "digital clip art" - and if I had better technology tools, no doubt my art would have been crisper, but with limited technology and supplies, and no instruction or reading up on "how to" do it... " I simply winged it".  
  • First, I drew my pictures on plain white paper. 
  • Next, I scanned my drawings and saved the files on my computer. 
  • Then, I used Microsoft Paint, found in the accessories folder on Windows machines, to clean up the edges and color/paint in my drawings.  
  • After that,  I saved the images as both .jpeg and .png files using the Paint program.   
  • Finally, I zipped all the files into one folder and created a collage page with all the clips on it to “show” what was included.
However, now that the question has been posed, I guess it is time to actually research how best to create your own digital clip art - so I am off to do some research. I will let you know in the near future what I find out.


  1. They came out great! Did it take you a long time?

  2. Thanks for the information. You are a wonderful artist.

    Swimming into Second

  3. Thank you so much for the great information! You are a wonderful artist, I'm sure I'll be buying your cute clip art soon :) Have a great rest of your day!

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  4. Wow! I'm impressed you even knew where to begin! Your clip art looked great!

    Peace, Love and First Grade

  5. I thought they were FAB! You're super talented!

  6. Thanks! I totally think I could do this now!

  7. I just found your blog as I was researching how to do my own clipart. I am a new blogger and first grade teacher and now a follower of your blog. Thanks for your information.


  8. I create some of my clipart the same way {though I am not as talented an artist as you are}. I was looking to see if there was another way...but it looks as though I am doing it the way I can! Anyway, I am a new follower and and newbie blogger so come on over and visit!

    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  9. thanks for the infer- I am ready to start making my own and am researching the best way to do this and what programs to use. Love your blog.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  10. This is great! Thank you for sharing =). I found this post from a google search about creating clipart. I have seen a lot of people mention Power Point as well, so I played around with that a bit too.

  11. I am glad I found this post. I plan to make my own clip art soon too. Yours is a adorable. I am a newer blogger and TPT seller. I am your newest follower.

    Check out my pages if you'd like:


    Take a Walk on the Teaching Side

  12. Debbie, I'm in the same spot! I am on fire to learn how to make my own clip art and graphics! Check out my new blog if you like:


    See you! Pat

  13. Now to give it a go myself!

  14. Thanks for sharing what you know! I love to doodle and want to start making my own clip art for fun (somehow I think that I will have the spare time to do this despite being a Kindergarten teacher/pastor's wife!) Happy New Year and thanks again!

  15. Thank you for your tips. I am new to TpT and want to make some of my own clipart even though there are so many great artists out there,including you. I appreciate your time in explaining how you do it. I really don't want to have to take a course to do some simple graphics. Thanks again. Karen Gomez

  16. Wow thank you so much! I am in the process of creating my own clip art and your blog inspired/helped me! :) I do have one question, if you wouldn't mind answering... How do you take away the white background? For example, if I wanted to put the clipart on something with a black background, how do I invert the colors?

    Thank you again!

  17. Thank you so much for your information. I have been making kits for teachers for some time but I am looking to get into the world of creating clipart.