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Jul 17, 2014

Short U Word Work

I just completed another word work pack this morning. This one is called, "Fun In The Sun". It includes numerous activities to help my students decode, read, and spell words with short u.

We will be using this pack week 5 while covering Unit 2.6-2.10 in our SRA Imagine It program.

The pack is 34 pages long and includes:

70 Short U word cards
I Have, Who Has
Read and Write the Room
ABC Order
3 Word Searches
Foldable Book
(students read sentences, find and underline the short u words, then sort and record the words they found under the 3 flaps (3 letter words, 4 letter words 5 or more letters)
I Can Read Short U Words list
2 answer keys (for foldable book, and word sort)
Game Board
5 sort cards
(2 letter words 3 letter words, 4 letter words, 5 letter words, 6 or more letters)

There certainly are enough activities to keep my kiddos busy all week... even for my fast finishers!

Check it out in my TPT store.

You may also grab some freebie pages from the pack HERE.

My Short E pack will coming in the next few days.  Watch for it!

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Jul 13, 2014

Short A, Short I, and Short O Word Work and Some Freebies

Over the past 2 years, I have created a number of word work packs to go along with the phonics/sound spellings we cover each week in class. Usually these packs include 40-80 word cards, game boards, word searches, read and write the room and scoot recording sheets, I have... who has, sort cards, ABC order, etc. Some have more pages and activities than others, but my students always love them, and they reinforce the skills we need to learn in a fun and engaging way.

However,  I never got around to creating activities for the first unit in our SRA Imagine It program. So, this past week, I sat myself down and developed 3 packs to go along with Unit 1.  Each of these packs focuses on a different short vowel: Short a, Short i, and Short o.
The first 2 word work packs are already available in my TPT store and the third should be posted sometime tomorrow.

My students absolutely love these activities... and there is enough to keep us busy all week in each pack... even for those fast finishers.

I can't wait to get started and share these with my new class.

Click on each picture to grab your FREEBIE page(s) from each pack.