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Oct 3, 2013

Polar Bears

This week's story in our Imagine It program's Big Book was "Polar Bears" by Jacqueline S. Cotton.

After reading the story together, we completed our first "Can, Have, Are" page of the year. The children did a fabulous job and enjoyed the process of finding facts and categorizing them.

Then, we used these "findings" to develop and write a six or more sentence non-fiction information report about these amazing arctic creatures with an introduction, 4 facts, and a closing.

Once we were finished writing, we stapled our reports to a 9x12 piece of white construction paper and added a head and legs to turn them into eye-catching publications.

Tomorrow the kiddos will practice their reading and public speaking skills as they share their polar bear reports aloud.

I am so proud of their work and how far they have come in just 30 short days!

You can grab a free copy of this mini-writing project here.

Happy Friday!