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Mar 1, 2020

March 2nd Birthday Hat

Celebrating the great doctor's birthday this week? If so you might like this party hat! 

Just print and staple to a construction paper strip or bulletin board boarder to fit student heads.

Option 1:  print in full color on white card stock

Option 2: Print in B and W on colored construction paper

Option 3: Print on white card stock or white construction paper and have student color.

Click here to download

Jul 3, 2015

Classroom Photos

Each summer, before setting up and decorating my classroom for the next group of students that I will have the privilege to teach, I look back at photos of my past classrooms. Why do I do this? Simply to help inspire and motivate me for the hours and hours of work that lay ahead - in order to be ready for that all important first day of school.

Here are a few photos of my classroom spaces ... they include the first day of school, open house, and the last day of school. Hopefully, one or more of the photographs will inspire you too, as you prepare for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

Click HERE to grab a few freebies!
Whta's included? ...Tthe poetry book cover, the front and back cover of the photograph book, the portfolio label that is next to the pirate face (but not shone here because it is hiding beneath the poetry book) and a first day of school (pirate face template). 

The directions for the paper plate pirate on the portfolio cover can be found at:

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Mar 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The traps are set!  Now ALL my wonderful 1st graders have to do is cross their fingers and wait to see if they caught a wee little leprechaun.
I can hardly wait to see their faces and excitement as they enter the classroom tomorrow morning and see this mess!
We will be playing detective to infer all we can about leprechauns based on what they did to our classroom. We will also be playing all sorts of games, learning about St. Patrick's Day, listening to Irish music and attempting to do a jig.
We will of course be graphing and eating Lucky Charms and doing a simple rainbow experiment too. There will also be plenty of word work activities - including those in my FREEBIE pack below.
Grab a copy HERE before it disappears just like those little mischievous leprechauns!
Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Feb 1, 2015

Perfect Paragraphs for President's Day

This week we will be reading and writing about Abraham Lincoln. Then next week, on to George Washington. I can hardly wait to see my kiddos finished products. Especially after the successful pieces they wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr. a couple of weeks ago. Just take a peek at a few of them. I could have shown them ALL! Each child's was different, yet all very impressive - especially for only being 1/2 way through first grade. I am so proud of my wonderful students!

Ok... time to get back on track. In preparation for the next two weeks of writing, I modified some old writing templates I had created a few years ago. 

The 16-page pdf file includes:
Word Banks
Was, Had, Did pages for recording research
Drafting Templates for a 7 sentence paragraph
An Informational Writing Checklist 
and a ...Report Cover and Publishing Paper
The entire packet is absolutely FREE 
and is available now in my TpT store. 
Click HERE or the colored graphic above to grab it. 

Happy Writing! 

Jan 24, 2015

Make Your Own Font

Yesterday I purchased a new app for my ipad called ifontmaker. It allows you to easily create your very own fonts in minutes without scanning or paying anything other than the $6.99 app price. And...It is super easy to use. 

Once you create your font, it sends you a link to download, email, post, or share it publicly. I must warn you however... It is totally ADDICTING!

Check it out. 

Look at the fonts I created in just a couple of hours...
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Jan 19, 2015

100 Addition and Subtraction With 10 Quizzes

I finally finished the Flash Facts: Addition and Subtraction Fluency Quizzes to 10 that I was working on and mentioned in my earlier post.

The PDF file which is now available in my TpT store includes:

100 addition and subtraction fluency quizzes for addressing the first grade common core standard:  1.OA.C.6 Add/Subtract within 10

Each quiz contains 20 problems for easy scoring and a place for the teacher or student to circle the time allotted for the quiz: 1, 2, or 3 minutes.

The 100 pages consist of...

25 Addition to 10 quizzes
25 Subtraction within 10 quizzes
25 Mixed problems with addition and subtraction
25 Solve for the Unknown (12 addition and 13 subtraction pages)

In addition to the 100 quizzes, there is also a Congratulations certificate to distribute to students once they have mastered their facts in FLASH.

Each page includes a cute border and a superhero character.

These of course, could also be used for homework.

Check out the entire 104 page pack HERE. While you are there, make sure to grab a few freebie pages from the final version by downloading the PREVIEW.

Have a great week.
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Jan 17, 2015

Addition and Subtraction Fluency

Now that we are half way through the year... and my students have mastered their addition and subtraction concepts ... it is time to focus on SPEED. I need to make sure they really have those math facts down! So...it is time for lots and lots of facts fluency quizzes.

Since the textbooks we are piloting don't have nearly enough facts fluency pages, and the websites that allow me to generate them aren't as visually appealing as I would like, I decided to create my own template and start generating my own FLASH FACTS quizzes.

I decided on 20 problems per page - which makes it easy to score. Then, I added in a few of the Melonheadz superheroes. FLASH seemed to be the perfect character for the regular addition and subtraction quizzes and the other masked superhero characters were perfect for the pages I created for solving the UNKNOWN.

Here is a sample of what I have come up with.  I am hoping to have a huge pack available soon on TPT.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Click on the picture above or click HERE to grab your freebie.

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