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Mar 31, 2012

April Writing

As promised, I finished my April-Themed Word Banks and Writing Paper by the end of the week. It is the biggest and best yet! With many themes that can be used throughout the year - not only in April.

This 42-page pdf file contains 10 different word banks with matching writing paper and bubble story maps. Also included in the pack is a syllable sort recording sheet and prewriting template. Word banks/themes feature:

1. Easter
2. At the Zoo
3. In the Wild
4. On the Farm
5. Earth Day
6. At the Library
7. Under the Ocean
8. In the Garden
9. The Perfect Pet
10. April Showers

Your student's work will not only improve with the help of the word banks, but will be ready to display as soon as they are finished! Adorable! The entire pack is available now in my TPT store.

Of course I also have a FREEBIE from the pack for my loyal blog followers. Get your April Showers word bank, bubble map, and story paper here.

Mar 26, 2012

April Activities and Antonyms

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted ... but last week was Spring Break here in Sonoma County, California. Unfortunately I didn't accomplish all I had wanted to ... but I did get to spend a couple of sunny days at Disneyland with my family. Hooray! It truly is one of the happiest places on Earth!

Upon my return, I got right to work and finished up the April Super Sentences, Perfect Paragraphs, April Activities Packet, and my all new "Just Right Antonyms", as well as the Imagine It Unit 8 lessons 16-20 files for those of you who are a week ahead of me and had inquired.

The April Word Banks and Writing Paper will be completed shortly - so watch for it at the end of this week or beginning of next. Everything that has been completed thus far is available now in my TPT store.

Of course, there are always a few FREEBIES to grab as well. Click on the images below to grab yours.  

Also... Please, please, please  let me know if you find errors of any kind on one or more of my products - Even though I comb through the files many times, I always seem to miss a few and want to get them corrected and resumitted as quickly as possible for you.

Enjoy Your Week!

Mar 11, 2012

We're Wild About Synonyms

This week week we are going to get ... "WILD ABOUT SYNONYMS"!

Why? Well... Late last week, I went absolutely WILD when I saw Nikki's "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired clip art - which I purchased from her ETSY store. And...of course, I couldn't wait to use it!

Since our focus this week in our Imagine It program is Synonyms -I created a 15 page literacy-center activity that includes 80 word cards that match-up to create 40 different synonym pairs, two different styles of recording sheets: one where students must locate both words, then pair and record; the second, lists one of the words and students must find the match and record the answer, and an answer key.  I titled the activity: We're Wild About Synonyms.

I haven't yet decided if I will use the cards in a pocket chart, post around the room, distribute a card to each child and have them find their matching partner, or have the students place the cards face down to play a synonym concentration game... but whichever we have time to do ... I am certain that my first graders are going to GO WILD for SYNONYMS! This activity is available now in my TPT store.

And...just because you sailed by my little blog, I have included a FREEBIE for you! Grab yours HERE.

Mar 6, 2012

R-Controlled Vowels

Sorting at the Circus

Over the next few weeks my students will be joining in on some circus fun as they sort words with the r-controlled vowels: ar, er, ir, or, ur, and ore. 

I have created a total of 144 words cards - 24 for each of the r-controlled vowels above, sorting mats, read and write the room recording sheets, alphabetized answer keys for each sort, word searches, and a few more sort pages, as well as a "3-Ring Circus" game - (my version of BAM) for this circus- themed sort.
If r-controlled vowels are something your students could use more practice with as well, you might want to check this pack out in my TPT store.