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Mar 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The traps are set!  Now ALL my wonderful 1st graders have to do is cross their fingers and wait to see if they caught a wee little leprechaun.
I can hardly wait to see their faces and excitement as they enter the classroom tomorrow morning and see this mess!
We will be playing detective to infer all we can about leprechauns based on what they did to our classroom. We will also be playing all sorts of games, learning about St. Patrick's Day, listening to Irish music and attempting to do a jig.
We will of course be graphing and eating Lucky Charms and doing a simple rainbow experiment too. There will also be plenty of word work activities - including those in my FREEBIE pack below.
Grab a copy HERE before it disappears just like those little mischievous leprechauns!
Happy St. Patrick's Day
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