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I'm delighted that you have taken the time to drop anchor here at my little teaching blog: Sailing Though 1st Grade! Oh, the places we will go! Enjoy the voyage.

Jul 25, 2011

Estimation Jar Label

Like so many of you, I will be adding an estimation jar to my weekly math routine this year when I make the move to 1st grade. The empty jar will be sent home with a different student each Friday to fill with 10-100 of the same item and return on Monday. During the week, students will estimate the number of items they think are in the jar, discuss why they think they have made a good "educated" guess, and then graph their estimates.
Here is the jar label I created and the estimation form I found on another blog that I will be using for this activity.

Mystery Reader Board Set

Thanks to all  the brilliant and creative teachers out there sharing their creative ideas with us, I too will be implementing Mystery Readers in my clasroom this fall. I just created these clue cards and chart header for my Mystery Reader board. Enjoy!
Click here to download this file.

Jul 18, 2011

Write the Date

Laminate and use this template to write the date each day.
For example:
 July 18, 2011
Click here to save and print this file.

Calendar Board

I created this 50 page file for my daily calendar and math board. Below is a sample of some of the items included.

Click here to download a copy.

Author's Purpose

I just created this Author's Purpose sign for my classroom.
Click here to download.

Jul 17, 2011

First Mate Froggy Alphabet

These "first-mate froggies" will be used as headers on my high frequency word wall this fall.
Download a copy here.

Jul 16, 2011

CAFE Posters...Pirate Style

I just created these CAFE posters to fit with my Sailing through 1st Grade theme. Enjoy!

Click here to download for FREE.

Jul 12, 2011

Function Machine

Introduce students to "What's the Rule?" and problem solving using my "Function Machine". I  am planning to laminate these and use a dry erase marker to record and solve "a problem of the day". I will be adding this into our daily math and calendar routine. Click here to download the pdf file. Enjoy!