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Feb 25, 2014


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/er/ spelled ear and long e spelled ey

This week we will be working with /er/ spelled EAR and long e spelled Y and EY.  I didn't have any word work packs to go along with these specific sound spellings...So,  I created 2 new word work packs over the weekend.

Here's a peek at a few pages of each.

Chim chimney, Chim Chimney, 
Chim  Chim Long E
is what I called the first pack. 

Since Mary and nanny end with long e spelled y and chimney sweep ends in the ey spelling... I thought I would go with a Mary Poppins theme.

We are Yearning to Learn /er/ spelled EAR is the title of the second.

Since researcher is one of the words I used... along with other forms of the word, I went with a scientific - learning theme.

Each pack includes:
SCOOT game
24-30 WORD CARDS of each sound spelling and an ABC order page.

Both packs are now available in my TPT store... but you can grab some freebies from each by clicking on the pictures above.

Feb 17, 2014

Slowing Down

Time to SLOW DOWN! With 2 four-day weeks in a row and so many holidays to celebrate, our first grade team decided to slow it down and only cover one week's language lessons in the eight days. Whew!!!

I felt like I was in over-drive... and trying to push my firsties just a little too hard to keep up.  

Can you imagine trying to cover the sound spellings for oi, oy, ph, wr, and possessive pronouns, read 2 stories in your anthology, and 4 decodable books in 3 days - so you can assess on Friday? And if that wasn't enough...just try to throw in Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day into the mix! Yikes!!!

So, we took on oi and oy last week and will cover ph and wr this week.

 For my Imagine It followers that's Unit 7.11-7.15.

In preparation for the week, I created a new wr word work pack and 2 PowerPoint Shows to use to practice decoding wh and ph words. Grab your freebie page HERE. To grab the PowerPoint shows click on the pictures below.

In addition to the word work materials, I also created a new geometry foldable pack to go along with chapters 20 and 21 in our math book. You can grab a freebie foldable HERE. The rest of the booklets are available in my TPT store.

Happy President's Day!

Feb 9, 2014

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

This week we will be reading The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Tortoise and the Hare in our Reading Anthology.

My students usually know the first verse from the Itsy Bitsy spider rhyme - but not the later ones... So, this is always a favorite.

And... there are always a few if not more, who ask for a copy of these later verses to go home. So this year I created this little booklet for them.
They will begin by filling in the missing rhyming words for each verse and then illustrate the pages.  On the last 3 pages they will be asked to 1- list the spider's problems, 2- tell how she tries to solve them, and finally 3- identify the central message of the story.

I know they are going to love this. 

Grab a copy for yourself  HERE.

Feb 8, 2014

oi and oy word work

This week we will be working with the oi and oy sound spellings.

Since our classroom Valentine's Day celebration on Friday is a 1950's theme... I created a a word work pack to go along with the theme.

The pack includes:

20- oi word cards
20 - oy word cards
Read and Write the Room (oi/oy sort)
Scoot (fill in the missing letters)
2 Word Searches
I Have.. Who Has (2 sets of 20 cards)
Game Board

You can grab the word searches HERE for free.

If you are interested in the entire pack, you can find it in my TPT store.

Feb 5, 2014

Why I Love Teaching 1st Grade

1st week of 1st grade
Same child...90 days later


Feb 4, 2014

The Little Engine That Could

This week we will be reading The Little Engine That Could in our reading textbook.

Since we are working on writing summaries, I thought it might be fun to create a summary template that formed a train - beginning with the little engine pulling a bunch of train cars behind it.

This is what I came up with.

I think my students are really going to enjoy creating this one!

Grab a copy for yourself here.