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Jan 31, 2012

New... Open Court Decodable Worksheets

This post is for all my fellow 1st grade teachers using the Open Court Imagine It series...

As you know or may be just discovering, as soon as we hit unit 7 the work gets signifcantly more difficult for our little angels. To help prepare them for the upcoming assessments and really focus in on comprehension, locating information in a body of text, and summarizing a story,  I decided to create a set of Unit 7 decodable worksheets that will really hone these skills.

I began today using one of them as a whole group activity with lots of teacher modeling. I am hoping that after completing a few together most of my first graders will be able to complete these on their own or in partner teams.

Each page (one per decodable) contains 3 questions that align with the Open Court e-presentations. Students will simply read the questions, locate the answers in the text, and then respond using complete sentences. (I ask my kiddos to reprase the question when answering)... I have included a student sample to show you what I am hoping for!

Following the 3 questions, they are also asked to summarize the story in a sentence or two. (See FREE sample below)

My Unit 7 Decodable Worksheets (decodables 88-101) are available now in my TPT store. Hopefully some of you will find them useful. Come check them out!
Please grab your FREE sample HERE and try it out with your kiddos.  Then, make sure to come back and let me know how it went ... and of course, please offer any suggestions to make these better!


  1. Looks great...we use Harcourt Storytown, but I still am able to use some of the things you share for your series! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. What a great idea! We use Scott Foresman Reading Street. I wish I knew how to make some like this for our decodables! It sure would make them more meaningful!

  3. Thanks so much! I love teaching with Imagine It! and look forward to trying this out in my classroom!

  4. Hey! I just absolutely love your site! I want to use and buy everything! I was wondering. Where do you get your writing templates in your pages? The border in which they write?

  5. I make my own top bottom and middle lines to create the writing paper/spaces for student responses using the line tool in Microsoft Word.

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