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Jan 12, 2012

More Spelling Papers

After uploading the 52 weeks of spelling test paper pack I designed to my TPT store (which I posted more than a week ago) I had a few teachers ask if I would be willing to modify this pack to better fit their classroom. So I also created a 10 words only pack and another one that is designed vertically and includes a place for 10 spelling words, space for up to 6 word wall words and a dictation sentence. Grab a FREE copy of each.

Like the early versions, the entire 52 week packs of these forms are available in my TPT store.

I also designed a new weekly spelling homework form for those children that were struggling to complete the monthly tic-tac-toe form. It isn't as cute or creative, but I think it will be easier for many of the children and for busy families - and checking to make sure everything has been completed should be easier too.
Click HERE to grab this FREEBIE as well.


  1. LOVE these! Where on TPT can I purchase the first primary Spelling Test example pack that has just the words? I want to buy it!: ) Cindy

  2. These are so wonderful! I need them to 22 words! Please!

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