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Jan 4, 2014

Weekly Word Work

I thought I would share our weekly word work routine with you... so simple yet effective!

 Move It Monday
Each Monday, after introducing our spelling pattern for the week, I pass out this recording sheet and we play Move It Monday - Just a different name for the old favorite "SCOOT". However, instead of saying, "Scoot," to indicate that the children are to move to the next desk/seat, I say, "Move it."

If my word cards are numbered, the children copy the word in the corresponding location on the record sheet. If the cards are not numbered, they simply record the card at their starting seat position as number one and the rest follow in order as they "move it" around the room.

Trade It Tuesday
On Tuesday, I distribute the same word cards we used for Move it Monday. Each child begins with a word card. Then when I call out, "Trade it", they move around the room as quickly as possible, reading each other's cards and trading them if they read the word correctly. The goal is to trade and read as many words correctly as possible. I usually have more than the 20 word cards used for "Move It" - and include more challenging words - so we play several rounds of the game.

Walk and Write Wednesday

On Wednesdays, after I place the word cards around the room, the students grab a clip board and a recording sheet and walk around locating, reading, and then sorting the words on the cards by spelling pattern.  The sorting is done as they spell/write each word down under the proper heading on the recording sheet.

Throw It Thursday

Throw It Thursday is my version of Word Wall Word Blast Off. Student list the top 6 most difficult spelling or word wall words of the week across the top. Then they roll a single die to determine which word they must write next. They race to see which word's column will be completed first, second, and so forth until the entire sheet or as much of it as possible is competed within the time limit.

Fix It Friday 

On Fridays we play the Spelling City WORD UNSCRAMBLE  game. I project my laptop on the big screen and the children FIX their weekly spelling words - unscrambling the letters and placing them in the correct order using their Doodle Pads or white boards.  When I say, "Show me," they all hold them up and I can quickly spot check to see who "has it" and who doesn't.

That's it in a nut shell... so simple! 

Click here to grab the three recording sheets.

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  1. That is a fantastic word work routine! Thank you for sharing.