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Jun 26, 2013

SRA Imagine It! Spelling and Challenge Lists

If  you are a first grade teacher using SRA's Imagine It, and intend to begin spelling activities and weekly tests in UNIT 1, instead of waiting until UNIT 7,  then you might want to grab a copy of my newly compiled "Words to Know" and "Challenge Lists" for the entire year.
This year I will be including these pages in the 3- pronged reference materials section of  our "Ship to Shore Folders" that travel between home and school each day. That way, I do not have to run the spelling lists each week - just think of all the time and paper I will be saving - and my students and parents will know what is coming in the weeks and months ahead, and won't lose those loose pages. It's a win-win. 


  1. These are GREAT! Thank you for sharing! I am filing these away for next year, because I'm not sure if I will have access to it at my new school. However, I must say, I am a HUGE fan of SRA! I've used a few different series, and just love seeing the progress in students. Thanks again

  2. I am a past 1st and 2nd grade teacher! I found myself almost wishing I was still teaching 1st so I could use your incredible resources! I teach in SC and our district uses Imagine It. What a fabulous resource you have created!! I also adore your "FROG" behavior management! I found you through "googling" Frogs. I now teach a Pre-K 3 year old class and have always had a "FROGS" theme. Thanks for sharing your great work! If you ever want to stop by my blog it is www.prekinderkiddos.blogspot.com. - Jenny

  3. I teach SRA Imagine It in Florida and I'm so excited that I found your resources! Last year was my first year teaching the curriculum and I also started testing spelling from Unit 1 instead of Unit 7, but I used strictly high frequency words as their spelling words. I am definitely using your spelling and challenge lists this year. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing. I appreciate it!

  4. Debbie, I used to teacher 1st and 2nd in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am now a preschool teacher. I came across your blog and saw your incredible resources for SRA Imagine It! I shared your blog today on my teaching FB page (Pre-Kinder Kiddos) for many of my friends/
    teaching 1st grade! Thanks!!

  5. I've been teaching SRA for several years now and swear by the intense phonics the students get. Thanks for creating all the wonderful resources for it. Some years I start spelling much earlier than unit 7 depending on the students.This year I am planning on using your units from the beginning. Thanks again.

  6. I teach Imagine It! 1st grade and really appreciate all of your great ideas. Haven't seen a post in awhile. I hope everything in okay!

  7. hello...

    Do you know of any links to Kindergarten Resources?
    I'm changing Grade Levels...

    Thanks in advance.

  8. thank you so much ms..very great to find this out!!! :)