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Jun 19, 2013

Organizing Word Work Activities and a Long U Freebie

My goal this summer is to ORGANIZE all my Word Work activities and to make sure that I have a pack that reinforces the sound spellings covered each week in our SRA Open Court Imagine It program.

I created a number of packs the last half of the school year and recently completed two more. Now the task is to determine what I have, what I need, and to organize and store each one in a way that will allow me to access them easily when I need them.

The "what I have" and "what I need" can easily be solved with a  spreadsheet and completing an inventory... but how to organize the games boards, laminated card sets, worksheets - That is the big question!  I'd love to hear what you do to keep all these goodies "at hand" when you need them.

Any ideas for organizing ALL these items would be greatly appreciated. AND...of course there is a FREEBIE for just stopping by.

The Freebie is just one of the activities in my latest  Long U pack. If you have a fabulous idea for storing and organizing these pack and are willing to leave a comment below and clue me in... I will email you the entire pack for FREE. Hopefully one or more of you will be able to help me out!
Click HERE to get the FREEBIE activity from my Long U with Slue-Foot Sue and Friends pack.


  1. Your long u pack looks AMAZING!!
    I keep all my small game pieces in small Ziploc bags. Then I put them along with all the worksheets and directions in a large clear plastic folder bag. This way I can see what game I have and I know that I have everything together. I usually keep these in my file cabinet.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. I am transitioning from my file cabinet to binders and page protectors and binders for each area of word work. I envision a binder for letter ID, long vowels, epigraphs and chunks. Thanks for the long U sort to add to it!

    1. Not sure what an epigraph is but I do know what a digraph is! :)

  3. You could buy clear plastic containers and then color code your packs to the containers using sticky dots. That way kids can put them back in the right place each time. Also on your containers, put a larger label on side so they can be stacked and easily viewable! :)


  4. I am a file cabinet girl, I keep all my things organized by subject and then move things to monthly folders as I'm planning to use them. I love the binder ideas you've been given though, but I just don't have the room right now.

    1. Cin,
      Send your email to me at dcandau@sbcglobal.net and I will email you the complete packet.

  5. I am struggling with the same thing right now! Hopefully there will be some good suggestions! I tried the binder and page protectors and it just isn't working for me.