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Jun 20, 2013

Getting Organized

Thank you to those of you who stopped by my little blog and left me your ideas for organizing my "word work" materials. I took many of your suggestions and here is a picture of what I came up with.
2 packets down about 40 more to go! Yikes!
I decided to use:
  • 3 prong folders to enclose page protected master copies of worksheets (They are not as bulky or as expensive as binders and should work well).
  • zip lock baggies to enclose game pieces and cards. I am placing them in the back pocket and securing with small binder clips.
  • front cover labeling  that includes a picture of the enclosed word work packet and a round label that lists the skill (long u) and our language arts unit number where this skill is taught/reinforced
I plan to store these in my filing cabinet or in crates/boxes labeled by month (Then I store until it is needed and it can remain out for a few weeks until the next packs come out) 

I am crossing my fingers that this works! I'll let you know!

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  1. Looks great! I put everything together in a gallon size baggie and store it in a file folder, but this looks much better.