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Sep 11, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes!

We have all heard the saying "What a difference a day makes!" Well, today was one of those days. 

Thanks to Kinderglynn for blogging about my blog yesterday, I went from 22 followers to more than 80 in just 24 hours! I am still in disbelief! Then, one fabulous comment after another came pouring in... My "bucket" is simply overflowing! Thank you to Tanya at First Grade is Fantabulous, Ms. Martin at Peace, Love, and First Grade, Trisha, Nichole, and Scrappin Shana at Starting From Scrap for their kind, kind words about my blog!

I am thrilled you have all found Sailing Through 1st Grade and will be able to use some of the resources I have created in your own classrooms. I am certainly building a fabulous electronic library of games, printables, projects, management tools, and creative teaching ideas from all of you! So... I am glad that I am able to give back in some small way for all you are "teaching" and "giving" to me as I begin my first year with first graders.

I began this blog entry by saying, "What a Difference a Day Makes"... but that is not all that the day brought! To top it all off... I was given The Versatile Blogger AWARD by not one, but two creative bloggers. Thank you to Kim creator of  Starbucks, Standards, and Sharpies and to Mrs. D from The Silver Lining. Please visit their blogs... They are just as cute and creative as their blog titles suggest!

Now, for the rules associated with the award ...

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1. I am one of the original authors of the Intel Teach program which has been used to train over 10 million teachers in over 70 different countries world-wide how to effectively integrate computers and other technologies into their classroom curriculum. Thank  You  Intel for all you have done to promote 21st century learning across the globe!

2. I make a mean Portuguese stew, thanks to my Grandma who passed on her family recipe.

3. When I was going to college, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with computers! They scared me!

4. It took me almost 37 years to find "Mr. Right" and get married. It was worth the wait!

5. I love to go country-western dancing...unfortunately, Mr. Right doesn't.

6. I planned my entire wedding in one day... of course it took one additional day to find the dress.

7. My favorite color is yellow, that's probably why I love Sunflowers so much!

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  1. The first thing I read this morning at 5:25 on a dreary Monday morning was the wonderful message that you had given my blog this award!!!!! I can't think of a better way to start my week off!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I will be honored to "pass it on".... ;) God bless!

    Jenn Oyler
    Seriously Primary

  2. I am SO...happy to be your 99th follower! Not only do I get to work with you, at our lovely school, but now I get to stalk you in cyberspace. Truthfully, I love your blog, you are an inspiration! k

  3. Thanks so much for awarding my blog! I am now following your blog. I love your blog template. It is adorable!

    Swimming into Second