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Sep 13, 2013

Back to School Night

 We had our annual Back to School Night last night - when the parents come to meet the teacher and hear all we have planned for their children. Do I ever feel blessed! I have another amazing group of students and parents this year! I absolutely love my job... It is such a joy to teach children who are kind, well-mannered, hard working, cooperative, and enthusiastic. Of course, we all know how those lovely children got that way- because of great parenting! So I am counting my blessings and loving every minute with my incredible class of 1st graders.

Now for the GOODIES

Although, every teacher's Back-to-School night packet is very specific to their own room, policies, and curriculum... I love looking at what other teachers distribute to parents. Don't you?

I always get good ideas, help with phrasing some item I will be covering, and sometimes even inspired to switch up everything I had already planned.

So, I thought I would post a copy of my 2013 parent packet and teacher presentation to help anyone else who is in the middle of creating one of their own.

Hopefully one of my followers can benefit from something you find in one or both of these pdf files.

Click on the pictures to download.


  1. I love your Back to School Info. Any chance it could be editable, I love the format but would like to change the times and a few other items that are different at my school.I would be happy to buy this and make it suitable for my school. Thanks so much for your help and so greatful for your talent!!

  2. You are truly amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all of your incredible ideas! Is there any way we can purchase an editable version?


  3. I love love love reading your blog! I just took a look at your back to school night presentation! It's so beautiful! I'm a first year teacher and just started a class website. I was wondering if you would consider letting me gain access to yours to sneak a peak at what a pro teacher's looks like.

    Thank you for your great posts! I love them!!