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Mar 23, 2013


If you download my "Follow the Yellow Brick Road Long O Word Work Freebie before 8:30 PM PST on Saturday, make sure to download the updated file. I found a few more errors with the scramble this evening.

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  1. Wonderful post. If only I'd of come across something as wise and straightforward when I was starting out! See you at the reading!

  2. Back to FirstJune 06, 2013

    I see that most of your things say "Freebies", but are all of your posts free and able to use/duplicate in the classroom? I am amazed by all you have and I, myself teach first grade and we use the Imagine It! program. This will help me SO, SO much. Just wanted to make sure everything was free and usable before I printed the overview, posters...everything! Thanks for sharing!