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Feb 15, 2013

Our 1st Grade Valentine's Party

Yesterday, my first graders and I celebrated Valentine's Day 50's style. I decked out our room for the occasion and encouraged the students to dress up for the day. Of course I wore my poodle skirt!

We participated in a number of activities and played lots of games. Then we made our way to the ice cream table and everyone concocted their very own sundae or float.

After dishing up their treat with the help of parent volunteers, the students came up with a name for their scrumptious dessert and drew a picture of it on a flavor of the month poster.

While the children waited for their turn to dish up, they distributed their valentines. I also delivered mine - which were a a bottle of bubbles with a 50's themed tag tied to the top that read,

"You BLOW me away valentine. I am so proud of all you have learned this year!"

After we had finished eating, passing out valentines, and designing our posters, we took off our shoes and had a little sock hop to 50's music. I taught the children how to do the HAND JIVE and TWIST!

It was great fun!

Many of the activities for the party came from Soaring Through Second's Valentine Party Pack which I purchased on TPT and from ideas I saw on Pinterest. The kids loved the activities - and there was no work on my part - except to print and organize the materials!!!  Thanks, Sandy!

To inform parents about our party plans, I sent out the following note. The party was such a success... I will definitely do this one AGAIN!!!


  1. I have to say I love this post! I showed my co-teacher your pictures and we were just in awe! lol. It's so nice that you have parent help, unfortunately most of ours could care less..but we had a nice afternoon anyway


  2. Love! Love! Love the picture of your classroom decorated 50's style! Absolutely adorable! I bet the kids had the time of their lives. So fun!

  3. You Valentine pictures are SO cute! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  4. My first graders also had an ice cream sundae party but we didn't go all out like your class did. What a great idea for me next year!!


  5. It looks like you had SO much fun!!!! :) I'm so glad you were able to incorporate some of my Valentine's activities and I'm so glad your kids had a great day!

  6. Hello! I found you on Pinterest. I saw your Pirate themed reading log and thought my coworker would love it...so I pinned and shared with her.

    Then, I started reading your blog and I looo--oove everything I've read. I'm jealous (in the nicest way possible) of that awesome Valentine's Day party. I wish I could've scored an invite. Thank you for sharing your ideas and I'm a follower now.

    You Might Be a First Grader...

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  8. Great scenario of valentine part! I hope you had a nice time there in party as per the views of images. But tell me dear; can these kinds of Phoenix Venues, which you had also booked for your party, accommodate a large gathering?