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Aug 9, 2011

Nautical Clip Chart

This past week while blog hopping, I saw several teachers with posts about their behavior clip charts - an idea that I fell in love with. What I thought was especially fabulous was the idea that students had the opportunity to move up the behavior chart not just flip to a warning card or worse. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the children who are always on task and well behaved are recognized daily and encouraged to go above and beyond expectations by having the opportunity to move UP the chart!

And... even though the idea/concept is SUPER FANTASTIC on its own, some of you super creative teachers took it one step further by tweaking it to fit your classroom theme. There were a few that were just too cute and too clever for words!

Well, that was all it took... and I was on a mission to do the same. Although it took me hours and I was up until 2:00 AM this morning, I am glad you inspired me to create a clip chart of my own to fit my SAILING theme.

Here is a sample of what I came up with. I can't wait to have these printed laminated and put together. I will update the post once I get this done. Click here to download the file.


  1. I absolutely love your blog!! I have a pirate theme in my classroom as well and your blog has inspired me so much!! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!


  2. Oh my gosh! Those are sooo adorable! Makes me want to change my theme. Love your blog.

  3. Thank you ever so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and downloads.

  4. I love your blog! I have a frog theme going on in my classroom and so many of your things would work out nicely! I have a favor to ask. I couldn't get this clip chart document to download. Is there any way I could still get it from you? I would absolutely love to use it!

  5. Lori, send me your email and I will send it your way!

  6. I just found your blog through Pinterest. Great ideas!!


  7. I couldn't get this to download either and would really love to have it. Could you send it to me also. I really love your ideas and your blog!!!


  8. Can't believe I'm just now finding you! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for the cute signs.

  9. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    Could you email me this..brandimonai@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  10. Could I have it, too? It gives me an error saying the pdf couldn't be downloaded. MelanieMorgan.EdD@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  11. Wow, this just made my week. Thank you~!! I am so going to use these. :o) Can't wait to get them laminated and set up. I already printed them. Thank you~!!

  12. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    Lovin' your blog!! It's given me great ideas for my new 3rd grade classroom! Any chance I could get the cute frog alphabet cards for a word wall??? ashleynwild@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!!

  13. I too saw this type of chart and love the idea of moving up and down the chart! My theme is frogs so I thank you for creating and sharing these so I can use them as well. I would love to keep them in my file as well and would love for you to send them my way. My email is jolynch@dbqschools.org
    Thanks again for your adorable ideas and creations!


  14. can you send my the link to order your nautical/sailor items... that is what I would like to do next year and I LOVE your stuff! Adorable!!

    1. You can find all my nautical items in my TPT store at: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Sailing-Through-1st-Grade/

      Just do a search for nautical, pirates, and sailors

      More updates will liely be coming this summer

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