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Sep 8, 2014

Imagine It! Sounds in Sequence Dictation Practice

This post is especially for my SRA Imagine It!  followers...

Last night, as I was reviewing for this week's lessons (unit 1.6-1.10), I had the idea to create a page-a-day dictation support using the sound spelling cards. I thought the children would enjoying cutting and manipulating the cards as they practiced spelling and blending. It would also be something they could take home each night to practice.

I only completed 5 pages last night (enough for the entire week) - as I thought it best to test it out on the kiddos before spending more time on something that might be a flop.  Luckily they loved it, and did an amazing job. They are really blending those sounds together and working on getting the sequence just right... and better yet, they are really learning their sound spelling cards.

I would be really interested to see what your kiddos think of it and to hear any suggestions you have for improvements. If you do choose to try one of the pages out in your classroom, please make sure to comment below and let me know how it went. Click on the picture above to download your copy.
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  2. I absolutely love this!! Will you be making them for other lessons? I know my babies would love doing this activity :)

  3. My students loved this activity. They enjoyed manipulating and making silly words. We are new to your site but feel very grateful for your creativity.

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  5. Where did you get the pictures for this activity? I have the wall cards but would like digital copies.