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Feb 29, 2012

Plant Observation Log for the Primary Grades

Next week we begin Unit 8 in our Language Arts text... "Away We Grow" ... The focus: PLANTS.

So, yesterday I went on a treasure hunt of sorts... What was I looking for? My search was simple - All I wanted was an adorable plant oberservation journal/log that would be perfect  for my first graders.
I began my hunt of course at TPT and then headed over to Teacher's Notebook. I also visited some of my favorite blogs... but unfortunately, I came up empty. I didn't find anything- anywhere! This was completely unexpected. Did I miss something??? Perhaps someone can clue me in... Nonetheless, at the end of my hunt, I had nothing.

Since my search was unsuccessful,  I plopped myself down in front of American Idol, and set to work creating  my own version of a primary plant observation log. I finished the "Primary Plant Pack" early this morning before heading off for school. I hope it proves to be just right... and perhaps will be perfect for some of you as well. It is currently available in my TPT store.
You can snag your Plant Vocabulary FREEBIE pages from the pack HERE.  Enjoy!


  1. We did plants at the begining of the year. Wish I would have had this. So cute!

  2. Thank you for always providing such cute and useful products! I have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award!

    If you have a chance, stop by my blog and check it out!


  3. These are SO fun! Such great illustrations!

  4. I just found your blog this morning and I am so impressed. Thank you for sharing some of your packs. You do awesome work.

  5. I found your blog the other night and I am very impressed! I was wondering if I you might tell me where you got your clip art from? I am doing a unit similar with my kids schools and would like to make journals that are similar for my classes. The only difference is I need mine to be in French.

    I can translate them no problem, I am just having a very tough time finding the images.

  6. I teach the same curriculum as you except I teach it in FL. I am about 2 weeks ahead of you and we are just coming up on Away We Grow this week. I looked back to see what you did last year. I love the plant observation book! I'll be using that. Did you have the kids plant a bean plant during the first week of the unit and then begin the journals right away?

  7. Nice drawing and its use is also awesome.

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