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Feb 5, 2012

Vowel Dipthongs AU and AW

This week our language arts program introduces the vowel dipthongs AU and AW. So, I decide to create a week's worth of activities to reinforce the skills covered in the curriculum.

What I ended up with was a 23-page file that includes games and word work activities using the graphic themes of Astronauts and Space Launch for AU and a western Outlaw vs the Law theme for AW.

The entire pack which is available now in my TPT store includes 4 word games, 40 word cards, AU and AW word sorting mats with recording sheet and answer key, a syllable sort and recording sheet, parts of speech sort and recording sheet, a read and write the room recording sheet, 2 word searches, and a write and illustrate page.

My kiddos love playing these games and doing the sorts, and of course they absolutely love the word searches.

I have included one of them below as a FREEBIE. 
Grab your sample FREEBIE page HERE.


  1. This is perfect. We are doing this skill this week too. I love your stuff!

    Swimming into Second

  2. Thanks! It just so happens that I am working on au, aw this week with my second graders.


  3. It turns out that my original version of open court still parallels the current one quite a bit so it has been extremely helpful to use you vocab/spelling packages. I teach at a Christian School and also do frogs (Fully Rely On Christ) in addition to my ocean theme. So much of your stuff fits nicely in my room. Thank you from somebody who found herself back in 1st after 12 years.It has been a big help. Is the frog clipart yours or can I purchase it from somewhere?