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Oct 10, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Today I will me meeting with 18 sets of parents for parent-teacher conferences. Our district sets aside one entire day for us to hold these face-to-face meetings. Students of course have the day off! It is exhausting, but I love that they are all wrapped up at once.

In any case, since I moved grade levels this year from 4th to 1st,  it was time to create a new form to share the kiddos' progress with parents. My teaching partner created a great form which she was kind enough to pass on; but unfortunatelyI hadn't gotten to all the assessment pieces she had on it - so I had to do some tweaking.

Here is what I came up with. What type of form do you use to share your students' progress with parents?


  1. This is so awesome. Is there any way you could make this editable. I teach 2nd grade and I would love to use this. Thanks!!


  2. Those are cute! Our report cards are all done through a program on the computer...not NEARLY as cute, but they are all calculated out of us and all we have to do is type in our comments...but I really like yours, so if I'm even in a county that doesn't have a computer program, I'll have to revisit your report!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. We have conferences in a few weeks and don't do a formal report card at this time, so something like this is great.

    2B Honey Bunch

  4. Your site is adorable! I love it, thanks for sharing.