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Feb 17, 2014

Slowing Down

Time to SLOW DOWN! With 2 four-day weeks in a row and so many holidays to celebrate, our first grade team decided to slow it down and only cover one week's language lessons in the eight days. Whew!!!

I felt like I was in over-drive... and trying to push my firsties just a little too hard to keep up.  

Can you imagine trying to cover the sound spellings for oi, oy, ph, wr, and possessive pronouns, read 2 stories in your anthology, and 4 decodable books in 3 days - so you can assess on Friday? And if that wasn't enough...just try to throw in Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day into the mix! Yikes!!!

So, we took on oi and oy last week and will cover ph and wr this week.

 For my Imagine It followers that's Unit 7.11-7.15.

In preparation for the week, I created a new wr word work pack and 2 PowerPoint Shows to use to practice decoding wh and ph words. Grab your freebie page HERE. To grab the PowerPoint shows click on the pictures below.

In addition to the word work materials, I also created a new geometry foldable pack to go along with chapters 20 and 21 in our math book. You can grab a freebie foldable HERE. The rest of the booklets are available in my TPT store.

Happy President's Day!

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